Seismic hazard characterization in Portugal for different building types, with advanced intensity measures.
Simplified loss analysis and seismic risk classification.
Rapid identification of retrofit need.
Integration of life-cycle based environmental emissions, environmental impact and seismic average annual losses.
Identification of optimal combinations of energy and seismic retrofit need through a Multi-criteria decision-making framework.
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SERENE is a three-year research and development project funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (2022.08138.PTDC). It focuses primarily on addressing the challenges posed by a significant portion of the building stock in Portugal, which predates seismic design codes and exhibits both seismic vulnerability and energy inefficiency. To this end, SERENE aims to propose and demonstrate an optimal framework for enhancing the seismic and energy performance of existing buildings, minimizing economic and environmental impacts. The project employs a scientifically sound approach, utilizing multi-criteria decision-making optimization and life-cycle performance metrics, integrating hazard, exposure, and vulnerability models to identify retrofitting strategies that ensure sustainability and resource efficiency. 

SERENE will be achieving the following main results:
Improved characterization of the seismic hazard in Portugal for multiple building configuration analysis, with advanced intensity measures;
Simplified loss analysis approach for buildings to enable rapid loss estimates for seismic risk classification and iden3tification of retrofit needs;
Framework for life-cycle based environmental emissions and environmental impact characterization, quantified in metrics that can be combined with seismic average annual losses;
Multi-criteria decision-making framework for identification of optimal combination of energy and seismic retrofit strategies, with economic and environmental impacts mitigation.



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